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Advantage Multi for Cats

Product Details

Cats are a victim of parasitic infections too. Advantage Multi for Cats is especially formulated to control and prevent infestation of fleas and parasites. It also treats ear mites and other forms of worm-related diseases to the cats. The medication is proven to be effective and safe to use by kittens nine weeks old or weighing two pounds. The product can be easily applied on the skin of your cat. Spread the fur part of the head and gently squeeze the tube, making the solution directly contacting the skin of the cat. Please be very careful not to put the medication in the eye area. Make sure that the cat or other cats will not lick the treated part. After applying the Advantage Multi for Cats, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your cat is protected from infection.

  • advantage multi for cats is very easy to use;
  • cost effective as it is only applied once a month;
  • proven to be effective and safe to use even for kittens.



Always make it a habit to consult or seek advice of the veterinarian before planning or initiating medication therapy for your cats. Purchase and apply the right dosing as determined by the veterinarian. Apply the topical solution at the head of your cat. Gently part the fur and make sure that the tip of the medication tube is in contact to the skin of the cat. Squeeze the content ensuring that the head part is properly covered with the topical medication. Do not let the product get in contact with the eyes as well as the mouth of the cat. Isolate the cat from other cats. This is to ensure that they will not lick each other.


Advantage Multi for Cats is highly recommended to use by the cat owner. It is very effective and cost-effective. You will only apply it on a once a month basis.

Side effects

The prevalence of adverse reaction will greatly depend on the sensitivity reaction of the cat to the medication. Commonly reported side effects of the drugs are excessive thirst, sluggishness, noticeable change in the behavior, gagging, and hypersalivation. It is wise to consult your veterinarian right away for any signs of serious adverse reaction to the medication. Before initiating the treatment of Advantage Multi for Cats, make sure that your cat is in its excellent health condition, free of any infection or other disease conditions.

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