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Cosequin Soft Chew

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Maintaining the optimum functioning of your pet’s joints is easy with the aid of Cosequin Soft Chew. This medication has all the essential nutrients and components known to help in promoting and achieving desirable joint functioning. It has the essential nutrient needed by the joint. In fact, this medication is the number one top selling joint supplement for dogs. Cosequin Soft Chew is the best buddy for you and your dog. Addressing the problem and fear of joint pain is easy with the help of the number one trusted brand. It contains the two main effective ingredient glucosamine and chondroitin. This medication is proven to be generally safe to use by most dogs.



The medication comes in soft chew. Hence, administrating this drug is very easy. You must take note that this medication should not be swallowed whole. It needs to be chewed to ensure the efficacy of the medication. You can break down the tablet to facilitate proper chewing. The dosing requirement and interval is determined by the veterinarian. Hence, it is proper to contact the veterinarian before starting any forms of drug therapy. The weight, size, and age of the pet is the determining factor for the dosage of the medication. The dosage is then reduced depending on the pet’s response to the drug therapy.


This drug is highly recommended to use for dogs suffering from joint and bone degenerative disease.

  • 10 pounds to 29 pounds = 1 Tablet;
  • 30 pounds to 59 pounds = 2 Tablet in divided doses preferably morning and afternoon;
  • 60 pounds to 89 pounds = 3 Tablets, 1 in equally divided doses;
  • 90 pounds to 120 pounds = 4 Tablets in equally divided doses.

Side effects

The adverse effects of using Cosequin Soft Chew are very minimal. However, the reported side effects are very rare. Adverse effects greatly depend on the sensitivity reaction of the dog to specific type of medication. It includes mainly the gastrointestinal tract of the dogs. Commonly observed adverse effects are vomiting, gastric upset, changes in bowel habit, loss of appetite, and the like. There are also slight involvement of the neurologic system like dizziness, lethargy, and change in the behavior of the pet. Observe closely the dog for any signs of serious adverse effects. If hypersensitivity to the medication is developed, consult the veterinarian right away. You must follow the proper dosing to avoid any occurrence of hypersensitivity.

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