Cat Fleas dog care Frontline Plus for Dogs Reviews

Frontline Plus for Dogs Reviews

Frontline Plus for Dogs is a topical flea and tick control product that is produced by the Merial Company. In addition to producing flea and tick control products, Merial is also responsible for manufacturing several different vaccines that are used to prevent some serious health conditions in animals. Merial currently has around 5,400 employees and is present in 150 countries worldwide. Frontline Plus for Dogs is one of the products marketed under the Frontline brand name, which is also available in a specialized Frontline formula for cats.

Product Formulas

Frontline Plus for Dogs is currently available in four different formulas, which are designed to be effective for dogs in certain weight-based categories. The first formula is designed for dogs up to 22 lbs, though it can only be used for puppies that are over eight weeks in age. Frontline Plus is also available for dogs that are from 23 to 44 lbs, form 45 to 88 lbs and for dogs that are from 89 to 132 lbs. Each of these formulas is available in a 3 dose, a 6 dose and a 12 dose package. Though Frontline Plus for Dogs is waterproof, it needs to be allowed to dry for 24 hours in order to be entirely effective.

Active Ingredients

There are two different active ingredients contained in Frontline Plus for Dogs : Fipronil and S-Methoprene. S-Methoprene is widely used in many insect control products, since it acts as a growth regulator to disrupt a flea’s life cycle. Fleas exposed to methoprene will not mature into their adult state, which greatly helps in controlling a flea infestation. Firponil is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which slowly disrupts a flea’s central nervous system by interfering in the function of certain chloride channels. This causes a flea to become paralyzed, and eventually results in death. Fipronil is considered to be a moderately toxic chemical.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Most dog owners seem to be relatively unhappy with the recent performance of Frontline Plus for Dogs. The most common complaint among dog owners seems to be that the product is not as effective at controlling flea populations as it was previously. Some people attribute this to the fact that some fleas are becoming resistant to certain insecticides, though other people think that it’s possible that Merial has changed the Frontline formula. Another complaint among dog owners was that Frontline only seemed to be effective for approximately two to three weeks after the initial application. Some dog owners stated that if the product was reapplied every three weeks, it seemed to be slightly more effective.

Positive reviews of Frontline Plus for Dogs are mostly from pet owners who report using Frontline Plus without any significant problems. Despite the claims that Frontline Plus doesn’t seem to work, a percentage of dog owners state that they are able to use Frontline Plus for their dogs as an effective flea control product.

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