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Preventic Collar for Dogs is a great way to prevent and protect your dog from tick infestation. It is a good idea to protect your dog year-round, to prevent complications from tick and flea infestation such as anemia and blood parasitism. Preventic is unlike other tick and flea preventives, as it is applied as a regular collar, which makes it easy to apply. The collar is impregnated with the active ingredient amitraz and ensures release of the antiparasitic drug on your pet’s skin.

The active ingredient in Preventic is amitraz, the only formamidine used as an ectoparasiticide. It inhibits the enzyme monoamine oxidase, which metabolizes the amine neurotransmitters in ticks and mites, thus paralyzing the mouth of the ticks. This paralysis inhibits blood feeding and eventual death of the parasite. The dog collar comes in 2 sizes (18 inches and 25 inches) to suit the size of your dog.

  • protects dogs from ticks;
  • for dogs greater than 12 weeks;
  • will protect for 3 months (longer than others);
  • kills and detaches ticks 24 hours after putting on the collar;
  • waterproof (but should be removed during baths);
  • odorless.

When the collar gets wet (by rainfall etc), there is no reduction of the efficacy of the collar except when the dog is taking a bath. Take off the collar during bath time! What are the known side-effects of amitraz? Amitraz has a wide safety of margin in mammals; however, it is associated with sedation in dogs. Be aware of these side effects when using this drug. Some dogs may be sensitive to this collar. You should remove the collar as soon as you see any negative side effects such as incoordination (ataxia), slow heart rate (bradycardia) or if your dog’s temperature drops to lower than normal. Nevertheless, you can be assured that Preventic will provide immediate protection for dogs infested with ticks. Studies have shown that Preventic has 92% efficacy in controlling severely tick infested dogs compared to its contemporaries (at 63%).

During application, wear rubber gloves and place the collar around the dog’s neck. Make sure to fasten the buckles provided to properly fit your dog. If the collar is too long, you may adjust the length by cutting off the extra. Double check if the collar comes into contact with the dog’s skin. You should also check the collar regularly to make sure it has not loosened, and readjust as needed. Replace your pet’s Preventic collar every 3 months as its efficacy diminishes.

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