Cat Fleas cat care Promeris for Cats Reviews

Promeris for Cats Reviews

Promeris for Cats is a topical flea treatment that is manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Wyeth was formerly known as American Home Products (AHP) and is currently one of the largest producers of pharmaceutical products. In addition to producing Promeris for Cats, Wyeth’s Animal Health Division (also called Fort Dodge Animal Health) also produces Promeris for Dogs, Barricade, Ketaset, Rabvac (a rabies vaccine for dogs) and ProHeart Heartworm preventative, among many other products. Promeris for Cats is currently only available by obtaining a prescription from a Veterinarian, and is not available for purchase over the counter.

Product Formula

Promeris for Cats is currently available in two different formulas, which are designed to be used on cats in a specific weight range. Promeris is available for cats from 1 to 9 lbs, and for cats that weigh over 9 lbs. In order to Promeris for Cats to be entirely effective, it is important to apply this product specifically by following the directions included with the product. Promeris is absorbed through a cat’s skin, and needs to be applied as close to the skin as possible. To properly apply Promeris for Cats, apply the entire contents of the application tube to a single spot on a cat’s neck. It is important to note that the Promeris formula for Cats does not contain an active ingredient to control ticks on cats, and can only be used for controlling flea infestations. Promeris should only be used on cats that are eight weeks of age or older, and should not be used on younger kittens.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient contained in Promeris for Cats is a relatively new semicarbazone insecticide called Metaflumizone. Metaflumizone is derived from a group of pyrazoline insecticides that block sodium channels. However, this group of insecticides was not approved for optimum safety in mammals, until the development of metaflumizone. Because of this, metaflumizole has been designated by the EPA as a “Reduced Risk Candidate”. Metaflumizole works by blocking function of an insect’s sodium channels, which results in paralysis and eventual death in most fleas.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Most customer reviews about Promeris for Cats are positive. Due to the suspicion of many veterinarians that fleas are becoming immune to some types of insecticide products contained in flea treatments, many cat owners are pleased with the effects of Promeris. The product seems to work on cats just as advertised, killing most fleas on a cat within a relatively short period of time. The complaints of some cat owners were relatively minor, mostly citing that the product is extremely messy, and can cause oily spots on some types of clothing or furniture. The amount of treatment contained in Promeris for Cats application tubes is a bit more than most other topical flea treatment products, which could be contributing to the increased mess. A rare complaint among a small percentage of cat owners was that the product caused mild skin reactions when applied to their cats, sometimes resulting in itchy spots and loss of fur. However, this seemed to be a fairly rare complaint.

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