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Proticall is a unique insecticide for dogs that will allow you to control external parasites that are bothering you and your pets. Proticall is unique because it contains 65% permethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid, unlike generic brands of fipronil. Permethrini has great potency and residual effects, to kill and repel against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and mites. Permethrin disrupts the sodium and potassium ion transport in nerve membranes of the parasite, which results in paralysis and eventual death. They have rapid but brief-action and have lack of toxicity in dogs and cats.

Proticall has the following features and benefits that are unlike most tick and flea preventives:

  • disrupts re-infestation of fleas for 5 weeks (longer than other competitors);
  • kills and prevents ticks for up to 5 weeks;
  • eliminates mosquitoes, lice and mites for up to 4 weeks;
  • strong repellant activity;
  • safe for puppies as young as 4 weeks;
  • spot-on formulation that is easy to apply.

Packaging of Proticall comes in 1cc packages (x6) and is sufficient for protection for several months (depending on the size of your dog). Proticall can be easily applied on the skin of the dog. First remove the tube along its perforations. Hold the tip of the tube upright and keep away from your face and body. Tear the tip of the tube to open. Apply 1 cc of liquid spot-on on the skin by parting the hair on your dog’s back. Apply on your dog’s skin regularly for maximum protection against external parasites. Please take note that this product is not to be used on cats. Always check the dosing guidelines for bigger dogs. Small dogs may require only 1 cc. Large dogs may require about 1 cc on the neck and tail area each (total of 2 cc); however, extra large dogs may require 2 cc on the neck area and 2 cc on the tail area (total of 4 cc).

Why is it important to protect your dog from external parasites? Aside from the fact that some ticks can transfer diseases such as Lyme disease to humans, it is also important to know that insects such as ticks are vectors of dangerous diseases such as blood parasitism (Ehrlichiosis in dogs). Even mosquitoes are a vector of a serious disease in dogs called heartworm (Dirofilariasis). To prevent these diseases from occurring and to ensure the health of your dog, always make sure to provide excellent control of external parasites with Proticall.

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