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The results of my cockroach war

I’ve finally won, and I’m in a hurry to share this story with you and write an advion cockroach gel bait review. From the moment of the sudden appearance of the first specimens in the kitchen, four months have passed. During this time we have tried it out:

  • Two paid treatments from a well-known company. Much money, and every month we endured a lot of difficulties with the removal of everything from the rooms, then leaving the house for a few hours, followed by ventilation and the rest of the stink of the drug. Then – by cleaning, arranging things back to their places and then disappointment – they would come back. This lasted for two months, and a lot of nerve and energy was used to help.
  • Purchase of various gels, traps, etc. with their arrangements, cleaning and so on. Two months. Zero results.

All this, I will pay attention, in the presence of the chest baby and the old grandmother … I couldn’t stand it. I was shaking when I saw the new settlers (there was no strength left to fight…

Once again, I persuaded my husband to order an expensive remedy from America. I wasn’t hoping it would help. But I didn’t have the strength to live in this apartment either. I was ready to move…

However, the rest of my faith in miracles was present, and I was looking forward to the parcel.

Having received it in such a small box, I experienced the remedy the same evening. I put a few drops on the lids of soda and paper, put it all in cabinets, drawers, on the floor, in the bathroom, toilet and in the kitchen (note that during all this time in the room unpleasant neighbors do not come to us, live only in public places …

I did not sleep. At three o’clock in the morning, I went out to the kitchen… THOSE creatures eat treats… I don’t know, maybe it seemed to me, but I heard them eating it right in front of me… I ran away… I barely fell asleep…

In the morning I cleaned out the corpses and half a body from the floor… But their number seemed to be relatively small… I thought there would be no miracle… Even though a few “plates of dainty” were utterly empty with them (really, they did!!!)

The next evening I updated the product and put it back in its place. I checked it at night – I’m fed up, and I think my friends were called (((((((

The second morning showed the effect of the drug – they started crawling into the center of the kitchen and dying. They were not well… They were hooked and sausage, as they say… Inadequate, they crawled out in the afternoon to the middle of the kitchen, which by the way was very convenient – you can collect them in a broom and throw them in the toilet. The second day took many lives of bastards. I was already feeling happy, and I updated the lids again in the evening.

And now it’s a visible result almost immediately – three days – I’m only sweeping out corpses and half-dead cockroaches. And every morning it’s getting smaller! They don’t bother me at all anymore during the day, and at night their number, crawling in search of profit, becomes less and less! In the morning, I get out, wipe everything, and that’s it. VERY convenient!

I think that’s where our war with the stasis is over because they don’t appear anymore. Three days later, the result of Advion Syngenta cockroach is already visible!

Two nozzles accompany four syringes on the spouts and one pusher. They could have been attached to each of them, but in general, it is reasonable to do so). Each syringe has 30 grams of the product.

No crazy cleaning, no smells, no particular danger for children and animals (of course, it is necessary to hide from children and animals and to be careful, as at use of any toxic chemical in the house where there are children and animals). Of course, if a cat/dog eats an infected cockroach, I will not guarantee its full health. Therefore, who has animals, I would still give them away for a while while while the room is being treated.

Sold in traps and syringes, I took needles, because it seems to me they are more profitable. The product is quite thick, does not flow out, you can carefully decompose at least a few drops, at least a few drops (recommend, by the way, to distribute it a few millimeters around the perimeter of the room every 5 cm approximately). I have both around the edge, and in the lids is for now) There, two little guys sitting there… eating… (sorry, I won’t photograph them anymore, they’re not photogenic) I hope they’re the last ones.)

Among the disadvantages I can only note that in Russia it is, in my opinion, the best remedy for cockroaches, Advion Syngenta cockroach is not for sale, and it is not easy to find who will deliver here.

The price of the product is quite high. But I am so satisfied with the result that I think it is quite adequate.

I bought four syringes. I used half one in 5 days. Consumption is minimal, so despite the high cost of the drug, it justifies its price. Now I will keep a small stock of this product always. It has a shelf life of two years so that you can store it in a far corner. The house is old, and I know that there are neighbors who are not stressed by such “tenants.” But I won’t let them into my territory anymore! 🙂

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